Blog Post #5 PLN & Education

Explore the video provided and reflect on the themes of a PLN in a professional capacity. Which social media platforms are beneficial in education? In determining which selection of social media platforms are beneficial in education, it essentially narrows in… Continue Reading →

Blog4 Public PLN – Balancing PLN, Media Literacy, & Public Discourse

Apart from the use of social media by the general public, a large portion of the online community is influenced by notable individuals, such as educators, government officials, celebrities, and such. How these individuals choose to utilize their social media… Continue Reading →

Blog 3 Your PLN – Inclusion & Community Engagement.

The role of inclusion and diversity has become a crucial concept that works together, so as to create a sense of value and trust within the workplace environment. Particularly within larger companies where a pyramid-style management structure is used, the… Continue Reading →


As social media and digital platforms have become closely intertwined with bothour professional and personal lives, it is important to observe how one’s digital identitygoes to promote their professional learning network (PLN) as well as personal privacy.By utilizing a visitor… Continue Reading →

Blog 1

What is digital identity? Just as every individual is assigned an identity based on their name and various forms of physical identification, one’s digital identity is equally as important as their physical identity. As the digital age continues to progress… Continue Reading →

About me

Hi everyone! My name is Changheng Ge, and I’m a third year currently majoring in math and statistics. I find myself liking Victoria as the weather always puts me in a good mood. I chose this course as an elective…. Continue Reading →

Welcome and Introduction

Before proceeding with this first blog post, we expect you to consider your privacy preferences carefully and that you have considered the following options: Do you want to be online vs. offline? Do you want to use your name (or… Continue Reading →

Test Social Media Post

This post  will appear in a few places: in the blog feed on the front of your website in the Learning Design menu on your website. This is because we have applied the “edci338” category to this post and the… Continue Reading →

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